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LaundroXpert is one of the best laundry dry cleaning services company in kolkata. We offer high-quality and consistent laundry dry cleaning services. Our dry cleaning process starts with pre-treatment of the garments by spotting and color treatment. Our dry cleaning machines take utmost care of the garments in dry cleaning processing. No water is used in this process. That is the reason your clothes are shining like brand new. Our stores are fully equipped with modern machines and highly trained Staff. Customers can request pickup and drop-off from the comfort of their homes or location, Our laundry pick up delivery service is always available.

  • Trusted by 600+ Customers
  • Same Day Newtown Laundry Service
  • Complimentary Pickup and Door-to-Door Delivery
  • Serving Rajarhat and Newtown Area
  • Accepting Online Orders via WhatsApp for all laundry pick up and delivery near me

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Types of Laundry Service We Provide

We are dedicated to providing superior laundry cleaning service by employing the most technically advanced washing machines and biodegradable detergents to meticulously remove microscopic dirt particles from every square inch of your precious garments.

Types of Dry Cleaning Service We Provide

We use cutting-edge dry-cleaning technology and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to safeguard delicate fabric and materials like silk, wool, chiffon, linen, and others from degradation while providing them with a perfect finish.

Types of Household Laundry Service We Provide

To keep your family free of dust and bacterial effects, we provide premium quality household laundry service at your doorstep, using conventional cleaning equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to make household items such as carpets, curtains, and sofas spotless and smooth.

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How It Works in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Bag up All your Dirty Clothes

Step 2

We Pick Up your Clothes

Step 3

We clean your Clothes

Step 4

We deliver clean, folded clothes

Why LaundroXpert

Top Notch Experience

We take utmost care of your clothes, segregation based on the cloth type

Affordable Price

Our charges for laundry service is very budget friendly prices that suits your pocket is one of our USP


With just a tap of a button, your laundry gets done, giving you leisure time of spend with family and friends


We use best in class eco friendly products that gives your clothes a new feel

Express Delivery

Express laundry-get your laundry done in 24hrs

Seamless Order Process

Regular updates of your order, to help you keep a track of your laundry and plan accordingly

Service Details

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How do I get the home pick-up service?

To use our laundry pick-up and drop-off service, please call or WhatsApp us at 9088766659. Once the pick-up will be scheduled, our team member will contact you to confirm your location for collecting the clothes.

Do you offer a fast delivery service?

It all depends on the number of service requests we have lined up according to the ‘first come, first served’ rule. We usually don’t take long to do your laundry and deliver the garments as soon as the activities are completed.

Will you be able to remove any kind of stain marks from my garments?

After identifying any stain marks, our professionals will attempt to remove them using preventative methods. If it still does not come out the first time, we repeat the procedure with caution so that no damage can occur to the clothing.

Do I need to separate my laundry and dry-cleaning items before handing them over to your pick-up boy?

If possible, please do it. This ensures that everything is processed following your instructions.

Can you offer some suggestions for dealing with color-bleeding clothing?

Garments that bleed a lot while being washed require particular care. In that situation, you can use a dry-cleaning service. It will offer your garments a wonderful feel and touch without harming the color density.

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Dipa Das
Dipa Das
I am so grateful to have found the bestlaundry shop near me. They have saved me so much time and hassle. The staff is always friendly and the service is prompt and reliable. I love that I can drop off my laundry and pick it up later without having to wait around. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for a top-notch laundry service
Tara Sankar Pal
Tara Sankar Pal
Gourav Roy Chowdhury
Gourav Roy Chowdhury
I'm glad to hear that you had a great experience with the dry cleaning service! From your words, it sounds like they provided excellent customer service and did a fantastic job with your clothes. Their attention to detail and efficient process were standout qualities that made your experience enjoyable. Overall, you were impressed with the high-quality results and would highly recommend their services to others. It's wonderful to know that you found a reliable dry cleaning option that you can trust with your clothing. Keep up the great work! Thank you team Laundroxpert!
completely satisfied with their service... 👍👍

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