Hiring laundry services for household cleaning and luxury only-to-dry-clean tagged dresses is common these days. And booking your laundry service online is not a myth anymore. You can successfully place an order for dry cleaning service online no matter where you are and what is the time. If you doubt how online dry cleaning services get processed these days, spend 2 to 3 minutes reading this article.

What is Online Dry Cleaning Laundry?

Online dry cleaners offer services as general laundry service providers do. Such providers are known as online dry cleaners because they take orders online. Anyone can place an order for dry cleaning online. The service provider will visit your place to take the pile of dirty clothes, dry clean them on their place, and deliver the same after dry wash.

Benefits of Online Dry Cleaning Services

Services that are operated online are known for the convenience of time and space. Online dry cleaning is not an exception.

  • Order Flexibility: Whether you are at home or not, you can place an order for dry cleaning anytime and anywhere. Just make sure, there is someone at your home to handover the dirty clothes to the service provider.
  • Zero-Commute: You don’t need to commute to a dry cleaning store. Rather pick up man will come to your place, pick the clothes up and deliver the same.
  • Attracting Offers: Yes, you can avail of a huge discount when you place an order online for dry cleaning. You can get up to 20% of discount on your dry cleaning orders.
  • Special Request: You can ask for same-day delivery or delivery within 24 hours via online orders. Don’t worry, you would be charged extra for it.
  • Payment Flexibility: As everything is going on online; you can pay online too.

Thus, if you need your exclusive clothes to dry clean only, don’t stress, and just go for online dry cleaning services. It is easy and affordable.

Online Dry Cleaning Steps – Order & Delivery

Very first, the service provider will take the order online.

  • Then, they will visit your place to pick your clothes up. Don’t worry, your dresses remain safe with them as they use individual containers for individual orders. It will help them in tagging.
  • Next, when they reach their facility, they tag your dress immediately with your order ID or other reliable identification tags.
  • Then, they arrange your clothes for dry cleaning based on the fabrics, color, and stain. Dry cleaning is not a one-method-fits-all type of service. The dry cleaning method and agent get chosen according to factors. Some tough strains require pre-wash before actual dry cleaning.
  • After sorting of dresses, dry cleaning will be processed in giant machines with necessary chemical solvents. Remember, the dry cleaning process does not use water. So, the process does not harm the fabric and fiber and prevents clothes from stretching and shrinking.

After the cleaning process, dry cleaners check clothes individually to inspect the quality of the cleaning. If they find any stain or error left, they will again run the process. Even, they take care of damages and repair them if they find any.


When the cleaning process gets completed, they iron the clothes, fold and pack them to deliver to your place.

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