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During humid sessions, cotton garments are mostly preferred by most of us. Cotton garments are durable, soft on the skin, easy to carry, and most comfortable for daily wear. And, if you are one of those who consider regular machine or hand washing safe for cotton garments, it’s time to know something new. Today, we would elaborate on why cotton clothes require dry cleaning. Beforehand, if you have piled your cotton dresses for regular washing at home, please switch to professional and online dry cleaning services to ensure proper care of cotton wearables.


Why Dry Cleaning is Necessary for Cotton Clothes!

You might not be aware of the fact that hand and/or machine washing dulls your favorite vintage cotton clothes. Cotton fabric is breathable and delicate. Thus, tough cleaning forces cotton fabric to shrink and wrinkle easily. So, it is better to choose a dry cleaning service as a better and safer alternative. So, without further ado, let us know why your favorite, occasion, and formal cotton clothes need to be dry-cleaned only.


To Extend Life:

Dry cleaning saves delicate and soft cotton clothes from the wear and tear that general cleaning usually imposes on cotton fabrics. Dry cleaning preserves the life of your special cotton dresses as it uses mild chemical solvents instead of harsh water and detergent.


Prevent Shrinkage & Wrinkles:

Cotton fabric is prone to get wrinkled and shrink easily when it is wet cleaned. Whereas, a dry cleaning service prevents cotton clothes from shrinkage and wrinkles. It retains the shape of cotton clothes after washing and improves the longevity of your adored garment that soap or hand washing cannot.


Saves Color:

Dry cleaning is a color-protecting option. It does the same for old or new cotton clothes. It uses mild chemical solvents which are lighter than laundry detergent and water. During, the dry cleaning process, it goes through the cotton fabric and prevents the possibility of colorfastness.


Clothes Remain A fresh:

Dry cleaning is a thorough but mild washing method. It keeps your white, red, blue, yellow, green, and every color of the cotton dress you wear bright and retains its freshness just like new ones. It does not change the fabric of your cotton garment and keeps them as soft as you have bought.


Protects from Insect Damage:

Often we find moths and other fabric insects keep breeding on our washed cotton garment. If you have experienced the same then next time please go for dry cleaning instead of regular cleaning. Dry cleaning does not let sweat or food stain on clothes that insects use to feed and breed. Dry cleaning removes the toughest food and oil stains from cotton clothes easily and rescues your favorite cotton dresses from intruders.


How Often Dry Cleaning Should be Opted for?

It closely depends on your usage. For your daily office wear, you can consider online dry cleaning services once or twice a week. Your upper cotton wearable tends to absorb more sweat due to the direct contact of the skin. So, these clothes require frequent dry cleaning. For your occasional and special cotton attires, you can consider dry cleaning after two or three times use.


It can be said, if you choose dry cleaning for your cotton garment, you get your clothes washed, cleaned, ironed, and folded at the same time every time you hire a professional dry cleaner near your area.

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