Though a great white T-shirt is an easy wardrobe staple, keeping it looking fresh over time can be difficult. But with a little know-how and the right cleaning supplies, you can bring even the dirtiest shirts back to life. On white/light shirts, white tees might appear yellow Pit stains. They appear as crunchy zones in the underarm area or as veiled territories on darker materials on occasion.


What Are the Causes of Armpit Stains?

Understanding how stains originate allows you to completely avoid sweat stains. Here are some of the most common causes of those pesky sweat stains.

Sweat is odourless and colourless on its own. Underarm apocrine sweat glands generate a distinct sort of perspiration than eccrine sweat glands. Apocrine sweat, unlike eccrine sweat, contains lipids and proteins, which contribute to stains and odor. Pit stains form when sweat proteins react with aluminum and other substances in antiperspirant.



How to Prevent Pit Stains?

A good offence is the best defense. Here are several methods for preventing pit stains from forming.

Protect yourself by wearing a sweat-proof undershirt. A sweat proof undershirt is the simplest and most convenient solution to prevent pit stains from spoiling your garments.

Alter your antiperspirant or deodorant regimen. You might be applying antiperspirant improperly or utilizing the wrong product for your requirements.

Take good care of your clothes. You may prevent the occurrence of pit stains or make them much simpler to remove by following correct laundry technique.

Trim the hair in your armpits. Armpit hair can be cut to prevent moisture and perspiration from gathering and producing stains.

Think about natural therapies. Sweat-reducing supplements include vitamins B, C, and E, witch hazel, sage, brewer’s yeast, eucalyptus, lecithin, and chamomile.

Make use of natural deodorant. Using aluminum-free deodorant (rather than antiperspirant) eliminates the source of yellow streaks.

Eat things that make you sweat. Spicy meals can fool your nervous system into thinking you’re hot, causing your sweat glands to overwork.


Keeping your white T-shirts safe

Don’t leave soiled white shirts in the washing basket for too long; the longer you wait, the more probable stains may form and be tough to remove. Separate your lights and darks before dumping them in the washing machine—darker items might release colours during washing that can transfer to your whites.

Before choosing a wash cycle, always read the care label on your garment and consider its material and fit. With white tees, a warm wash strikes the right balance between getting the job done and risking shrinking the garments.



Use a powdered oxygen bleach to brighten white shirts. For a more targeted approach, you can get the dry-cleaning service from professionals. Book for online dry-cleaning services and you can get back your white tee restored properly. It is the best short cut that you are having to remove the yellow stain from white tees.

In the case you treat it at home, allow sun drying or air drying which is best option. If you wish to dry your shirt in dryer after washing it, be sure the stain is entirely removed; otherwise, the intense heat of dryer tends to solidify any stains, making them difficult to remove.

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